Friday, January 27, 2012

We've added some new MIDS cricket shoes
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Here's a little history about MIDS.  MIDS is short for
Milamdin and Sons and has been exclusively
manufacturing top of line cricket equipment
since 1928.

We proudly sell their shoes.  We think they are
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Isn't it time for some new Cricket Shoes?

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top 5 Cricket Captains......
The World Cup is now only eight days away and this countdown piece to the World Cup looks into the top five captains of the World Cup:
Clive Lloyd, West Indies: It is a given that he has to be one of the best World Cup captains if not the best. He led the side to two World Cup wins and one other final, which they would have won had it not been for a rash display of overconfident batting. To add to that, he was an excellent fielder and scored a century in the final of one of the World Cups that his side won. His presence was so vital to the side that post his retirement, West Indies have entered the semi-final of the tournament only once in the remaining seven tournaments.
Ricky Ponting, Australia:One of the best> Another two-time World Cup champion who has also been a part of the side under another leader on two other occasion. He will have the chance to make it three in a row as a captain of the side when the 2011 edition of the World Cup comes around but even without that, he led the side to two comprehensive World Cup wins – without dropping a single game.
Steve Waugh, Australia:Led his side to a magnificent win> He won the 1999 World Cup for the side but the best part about him was that it was done against a run of play. Australia were never deemed to get to the semi-final let alone win the tournament after the kind of start that they had to the tournament. But a Steve Waugh century in what was the decider that allowed them to the semi-finals followed by a pulsating win over South Africa in the semi-final led them to the 1999 World Cup titles.
Kapil Dev, India: Kapil’s Devils, they were called. And devils they were, as they plucked West Indies, Australia, England and then West Indies again in the final to clinch the World Cup. And if one may add, against all odds. Of all the teams that have won the World Cup, India’s odds to do so were the longest and they had gone into the final at 66/1 to do so. Against West Indies, Kapil scalped a couple of wickets, took an excellent catch to dismiss Vivian Richards and won the final.
Imran Khan, Pakistan: Pakistan were down and out in the 1992 World Cup. They had been bowled out for 74 against England in another appalling batting performance and looked to be headed out when divine intervention in the form of rain stalled their defeat. The rest, as they say, is history. They managed to get to the semi-finals thanks to that extra point obtained from that abandoned game and won two successive games to win the tournament. Imran did everything, bat, bowl and get his team up to the morale that they had – all with a back injury.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oldest Cricketers.......

I thought this was an interesting read.....  from

10 oldest cricketers to date.....

Oldest Living Cricketers

  1. England Eileen Whelan 100 years
  2. Australia Sidney George Barnes 95 years
  3. United States Sir Leonard Hutton 95 years
  4. Australia Douglas Keith Carmody 92 years
  5. India Vasant Naisadrai Raiji 92 years
  6. Australia Betty Wilson 90 years
  7. India Ebrahim Maka 89 years
  8. England Allan John Watkins 89 years
  9. England Douglas John Insole 85 years
  10. England Donald John Shepherd 84 years

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SG or Sanspareils Greenlands

This is a fantastic, up and coming line of Cricket gear that we are happy to sell at The Cricket SPot. 

here's a little bit about this line.  The line was started way back in 1931 but of course didn't become popular until 1987 when Sunil "Sunny" Gavaskar scored 10,000 with yes an SG bat.  The legend is still behind the product range from SG titled Sunny (bats). 

SG today is the world LARGEST manufacturer of cricket gear! 

It is made BY cricketers for cricketers. 

Check out all of our SG cricket gear here -- and yes most of it is BRAND NEW 2012!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kookaburra Deals of the Week!

We are hoping to get Kookaburra new 2012 stuff VERY soon therefore, we are marking down some of our popular products to make room:)  Here's a link to the Deals of the Week!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Sports are some of the most popular pastimes for both men and women around the world. In the United States alone over 32 million people play some form of the hobby. A fantasy team is a team that an individual constructs based on their favorite players from all teams; this is called their draft or fantasy draft. Than each player (or team) play other fantasy teams, or people, for the entire season to see who has chosen the best team from all of the top players. Each sport has a scoring system that can vary from sport to sport and from different leagues or websites, but in all leagues the idea is to gain the most points. In any event, it is very enjoyable and can be a monetary bonus for some players.
Let's talk a little about the history of fantasy sporting and leagues. Fantasy sporting started a little after World war two but wasn't very popular until 1976 when a draft league started at Glassboro State College. Around that same time a student named Okrent learned about the game from his professor and began a league with his friends. Okrent, a writer, has been credited with inventing fantasy sports because of his public writings in his newspaper, The New York Times. The first fantasy leagues were primary baseball.
Today the most popular fantasy sports are football (American, and Australian), Cricket, baseball, hockey, golf, basketball and auto racing. Players, or leagues, typically meet and choose their teams together. Once a player, no matter what position or team he may be from, is picked another fantasy player cannot choose him or her. With the Internet being so popular today, online fantasy games and teams are becoming far more popular. There are many free sites to play fantasy leagues on and in places where gambling is legal, you can even win money.
In fantasy cricket, it is quite simple and much like all other fantasy leagues. The main idea in fantasy cricket is to choose the unsurpassed order of the bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders. There are cricket fantasy leagues for One Day International cricket, test cricket and Twenty 20 cricket. In fantasy cricket you will choose 11 players and 3 substitute players, which can be any number of batsmen, bowlers or all-rounders.
In conclusion, fantasy sports of any kind can be a blast for anyone to play. I suggest you read your stats, get creative and pick your team. Then have fun watching as many matches as possible and watch your points add up.
Lyndea Ward is the author and can provide more information on this and other cricket shopping and caring for tips. Visit today, at we focus on selling top of the line cricket products from premier lines such as; Kookaburra, Gray Nicholls, Gunn and Moore and more. Visit today and receive 10% off your order with coupon code enjoy10.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIfferent Forms of Cricket

To first define cricket, cricket is a game played with two teams, eleven players on each team. All forms include cricket bats, a ball and wickets. A run can be scored a few ways but most commonly when a batsman hits the ball and then runs to the other end of the cricket pitch and crosses the crease.
The first type of cricket I want to discuss is Test Cricket. Test is considered the original form of the game; Test Cricket matches date back to the late 1800's. Test games last five days and have no limit to how long each side can bat. Test Cricket is played only between national opponents and there are currently ten teams that participate in Test Cricket they are Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Test is considered the most athletic of all of the games because of the length and amount of games played. Also, a Test game can result in a tie or a draw.
The next two I want to deliberate are One Day Cricket and Twenty20 Cricket. One Day is self-explanatory; it takes just one day to play. The other difference between One Day Cricket and Test Cricket is that each team only bats once and the limit to overs is typically set at fifty. Twenty20 Cricket has only been around since 2003 and was developed in the United Kingdom. It is a form of One Day but has modified rules from the One Day. The major difference is that in Twenty20 has a limit of 20 overs versus 50 overs in One Day. Both of these forms always end with a result. Although 20Twenty is becoming popular, One Day still remains the most popular among cricketers.
Although Test Cricket, One Day Cricket and Twenty20 Cricket are by far the most popular here are some other forms of the game. There is Beach Cricket, which is of course played on the beach. Beach Cricket is very different from other forms because it has different rules and it is played on the beach, but it is played purely for fun. Indoor Cricket is another form of cricket. Indoor Cricket is played much the same as other forms of cricket but indoor, this is a good option for cricketers who live in areas where the weather is sometimes too hot or too cold for outdoor sports. Kwik Cricket is for children. There are different forms but usually Kwik Cricket is played with plastic balls and bats. And the most popular type of cricket for amateur cricketers is Club Cricket. Club Cricket is played very similar to other forms of the game but is a very social event.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New 2012 products.......

I have just added more 2012 products to

Here you will find some Gray-Nicolls balls, stumps and accessories.  A handful of SG bats, batting gloves and youth products!  I will continue to add more 2012 products all week.  If you have a specific item you are searching for, please contact us to see if we can carry it.

Happy Cricketing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jacques Kallis Day at Newlands.....

Are you as excited as I am for new 2012 matches, and to see who is leading the ways?

Well Kallis has started off with a bang,