Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Sports are some of the most popular pastimes for both men and women around the world. In the United States alone over 32 million people play some form of the hobby. A fantasy team is a team that an individual constructs based on their favorite players from all teams; this is called their draft or fantasy draft. Than each player (or team) play other fantasy teams, or people, for the entire season to see who has chosen the best team from all of the top players. Each sport has a scoring system that can vary from sport to sport and from different leagues or websites, but in all leagues the idea is to gain the most points. In any event, it is very enjoyable and can be a monetary bonus for some players.
Let's talk a little about the history of fantasy sporting and leagues. Fantasy sporting started a little after World war two but wasn't very popular until 1976 when a draft league started at Glassboro State College. Around that same time a student named Okrent learned about the game from his professor and began a league with his friends. Okrent, a writer, has been credited with inventing fantasy sports because of his public writings in his newspaper, The New York Times. The first fantasy leagues were primary baseball.
Today the most popular fantasy sports are football (American, and Australian), Cricket, baseball, hockey, golf, basketball and auto racing. Players, or leagues, typically meet and choose their teams together. Once a player, no matter what position or team he may be from, is picked another fantasy player cannot choose him or her. With the Internet being so popular today, online fantasy games and teams are becoming far more popular. There are many free sites to play fantasy leagues on and in places where gambling is legal, you can even win money.
In fantasy cricket, it is quite simple and much like all other fantasy leagues. The main idea in fantasy cricket is to choose the unsurpassed order of the bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders. There are cricket fantasy leagues for One Day International cricket, test cricket and Twenty 20 cricket. In fantasy cricket you will choose 11 players and 3 substitute players, which can be any number of batsmen, bowlers or all-rounders.
In conclusion, fantasy sports of any kind can be a blast for anyone to play. I suggest you read your stats, get creative and pick your team. Then have fun watching as many matches as possible and watch your points add up.
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