Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are Cricket Sets a Good Purchase?

There are many cricket products out there to purchase. It can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide what you should or shouldn't buy and what might be necessary. I wanted to discuss cricket sets and whether or not they are a useful item to buy.
Let's start out by talking about what most cricket sets contain. Looking at the major players; Kookaburra, Gray Nicholls, Gunn and Moore, it seems that most cricket sets contain a cricket bat, cricket ball, stumps and a carrying case for all of it. A cricket bat and a cricket ball are both obviously very useful tools when playing cricket. Throw in the cricket stump and all you need to do is find a few players, with their own cricket kit of course, and you have all you need for a pickup game of cricket. A cricket bag to hold them all in seems to add convenience. Also, it is noteworthy that some sets contain more than one bat, stump and ball.
The price is the next thing to consider. Most cricket sets I have seen range from $20 to $300. As far as cricket equipment goes, this is a very reasonable price for a bat alone and you are getting a bat, a ball and a cricket stump as well as a bag or carrying case to put everything in. So I would say it is a very good bargain. Many of the sets priced less than $50 are geared toward youth players and are offered in smaller sizes.
The quality of the products inside the set can vary a bit. The lesser-priced sets are obviously not as high quality as the more expensive ones. Sets vary from plastic materials to Kashmir Willow bats and wooden stumps to even English Willow Bats. And the price will reflect the quality of the materials used to make the set.
The next thing to ponder is who is the cricket set for? Is the set for a beginner? Is it for a youth? If the answer to either of these is yes than I believe that a cricket set is a great purchase for you. I would start with a plastic or Kashmir Willow set until you have enough experience to decide what type of bat is the best fit for you.
In conclusion, I believe that cricket sets are a great option for many people. As with any purchase, you must make sure to do your homework first and make sure the set you get is a good fit for you. Good Luck and Happy Cricketing!

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