Tuesday, March 13, 2012

more batting techniques explained......

To refresh the positions, there's the front foot strokes and back foot strokes. A batsman can change this position based on how the ball is thrown and where it is going. Front foot strokes are when the batsman's front foot stretches down the pitch toward the bowler and his weight is on the front foot. A back foot stroke is when the batsman's back foot is pushed back toward the wicket and his weight on his back foot.
The first to reference is the back foot defensive. This stroke is very similar to the front foot defensive only the weight is placed on the back foot. This stroke is typically used to defend the wicket instead of scoring. The main difference between the front foot and back foot defensive is that in the back foot defensive the ball can bounce higher and be reached a bit later because the weight is placed on the back foot.
Next is the stroke titled Cut. The Cut is an aggressive attack on the ball designed to hit the ball far and score runs. The bat is swung in a horizontal arc to the ground. With this technique the batsmen's swings right after the ball has passed the batsmen's body and in some cases quite awhile after it has past the batsmen's body. This is a technique that typically only the fairly skilled attempt.
The Pull is another type of aggressive cricket batting technique where the bat is pulled in a horizontal arc. It is called The Pull because the intention is to pull the ball to the leg side and score runs. This can also be a risky swing but also effective if used properly.
The hook, another aggressive technique, is a more difficult stroke. The intention with the hook is to hit the ball so high and far that you score 6 runs. The Hook uses a diagonal arc and is hit when the ball is about as high as the batsman's head, because of this it can be dangerous.
The last swing is the leg glance. The leg glance is not an aggressive shot and is actually rather subtle. The ball is hit on the side or around the batsmen's leg.
In conclusion, there are many different techniques for cricket batting. You should try them all to truly understand them. Once you have familiarized yourself more with the game, you will understand which stroke is appropriate at what time.
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