Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Are the Top Ten Cricket Batsmen of All Time?

There have been many excellent cricket batsmen to play the game over time. There is much speculation about what makes a player the top batsmen, is it most runs, highest average, a combination of both? Today I would like to discuss who I feel the top batsmen of all time are mostly by average as this represents consistently but also a combination of other factors.
At number ten, we have Jacques Kallis, also known as JH Kallis. Kallis is an active player and currently has a batting average a little under 58. Jacques is a right-handed batsman from South Africa, who has primarily played for the country of South Africa. There is great promise that Kallis could be greater than number 10 as he is currently only 36 and could have a few more great years of cricket still in him.
At number nine we have a man who played for the West Indies named Garfield Sobers. Sobers played cricket from 1954 until 1974 and ended his career with a batting average of 57.78. Sobers ended his career with a very impressive 8064 runs. At number eight we have Wally Hammond with an average of 58.46. Hammond played from 1927 until 1947 for England.
In the number seven spot we have a man named Everton Weeks. Weeks had an average of 58.61 but what was most impressive is his career was quite short for a cricketer, only ten years. He played for the West Indies. The batsman with the sixth highest record is England's Ken Barrington. Barrington's average was just a little above Weeks at 58.67. His career was thirteen years long ending in 1968.
At number five we have an English cricketer names Eddie Paynter. He had a very impressive record of 59.23 in just eight years of playing. The number four player is a man named Herbert Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe, an English cricketer, played from 1924 until 1935 and finished his eleven-year record with a batting average of 60.73.
The third best batsman is George Headley. He finished his career in 1954 with a batting average of 60.83. Headley played cricket for the West Indies. The second best batsman of all time is another South African named Graeme Pollock. Pollock's batting average was 60.97 and he played for just seven years. In those seven years he managed to have 2256 hits.
The top batman in cricket of all time is a man named Donald Bradman, also known as Sir Donald Bradman. Bradman played for Australia from 1928 until 1948. In that time he had 6996 hits and an unheard of batting average of 99.94. He has been retired from the game for almost 64 years and still no cricketer has even come close to touching his amazing records.
And there you have it, the most talented cricket batsmen of all time. The newest cricket players have quite a bit to live up to with such amazing past cricket batsmen. The question is do you think anyone can beat a record of over 99%? Nor do I.
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