Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where to Find the Latest Cricket Highlights Online

Cricket is the number two most popular sport in the world. The sport is quickly making an impressive comeback in the United States, especially youth cricket which has spread quite quickly over the past 4 years. So most would agree that finding the most updated, relevant information regarding Cricket would be imperative to cricket fans! I would like to discuss where the best sources for cricket news is today.
Ill start with United States cricket. The USACA, United States of America Cricket Association, is the governing body of cricket in the US. The web address is On this site you will find updated news such as; tournament schedules, team captain announcements, new teams formed and information regard any elections or committee updates for men, women as well as youth. The site however does not have a lot of information and if you are looking for up-to-date scores it is lacking. The United States Youth Cricket Association,, site actually has much more information regarding announcements of youth cricket around the country and also has contacts of the youth cricket clubs so if you are looking for a specific region and contact you can easily find it on this site.
For updated scores, tournament news or any other United States cricket news the best site for sure is the site. On the cricinfo site, you can also find all players, players stats, a list of top cricket bloggers, yearly and team statistics and much, much more. I would definitely think one could get any information requested from this fact-filled website.
Now if your passion is cricket and one is trying to in find cricket news fro around the world, there is a multitude of excellent sites to choose from. ESPNcricinfo does have all cricket news, scores, events and statistics for every country you can imagine. Also Yahoo Cricket,, is an excellent source for all things cricket. I also think it is an extremely user-friendly site and easily navigable. Lastly, is very helpful for a cricket fan to get up to date stories, news and scores.
In conclusion, there are many great sources for cricket information on the web. I suggest switching between the above resources to figure out which best meets your particular needs. Some have access to receive live feeds and social media sharing and others just typical old fashioned good articles. The good news is the resources are available!
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